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A poorly formulated statement in 1948 and has lead the Church to believed a lie for 70 years!

  • The Constitution says congress is to make no law against the exercise of religion.
  • "Separatrion of Church and State" is a big lie to keep church out of government.
  • In 2016 the nation needed a warrior not a chaplain - more are needed in 2018.
  • All God fearing Americans citizens must continue to vote to restore America.
  • Warriors, who know the mission, take their place in bringing forth Righteous Fire.


In 1948 the Supreme Court ruled (8 to 1), "[The facts] show the use of tax-supported property for religious instruction and the close cooperation between the school authorities and the religious council in promoting religious education. The operation of the state's compulsory education system thus assists and is integrated with the program of religious instruction carried on by separate religious sects. Pupils compelled by law to go to school for secular education are released ... in part from their legal duty upon the condition that they attend the religious classes.

To hold that a state cannot, consistently with the First and Fourteenth Amendments, utilize its public school system to aid any or all religious faiths or sects in the dissemination of their doctrines and ideals does not ... manifest a governmental hostility to religion or religious teachings. ... For the First Amendment rests upon the premise that both religion and government can best work to achieve their lofty aims if each is left free from the other within its respective sphere."

However, the real issue at the time related to transportation expenses to private Catholic Schools being reimbursed from government tax dollars. It seems that with government, it is always about money as it relates to the control of people. Most grievously, the statement by Justice Hugo Black, "religion and government can best work to achieve their lofty aims if each is left free from the other" was out of context, an improper biased opinion and not law.

This marked the beginning of the expansion and reinforcement of "Separation of Church and State" ideology. Over the course of seven decades, the implied common meaning and the purpose of the phrase "Separation of Church and State," (which is not written as part of the constitution)" is strictly to tell the church to stay out of the state's business. This has been misused so often that church members commonly think that our constitution prohibits church involvement in government - and the IRS even tries to enforce it. This is the big lie that a generation of Americans have lived under.

The moral influence of church is not wanted by most members of government, therefore politicians promote the narrative about "separation of church and state" that is false. Like fake news and other lies, if it is repeated often and goes unchallenged, then the public becomes deceived and believes it to be true. For example, yesterday August 24, 2018, fake news repeated the phrase "impeach Trump" more than two hundred times in a single day; this is malicious pre-conditioning to influence the Mid-Term Elections in November 2018. President Trump delivered a prophecy himself to Evangelical leaders Monday, August 27th, as reported by Hadahsha Von Lowe


For decades, the church has set in foxholes and ducked the battle, having honored and preserved their structure, yet failing to lead the nation under God. Meanwhile, the amount of evil that is perpetrated on our nation under this guise is staggering. The poor, the ignorant and the greedy have been seduced into blind submission. Moreover, Moloch has returned to practice the sacrifice of babies, locking in moral numbing of society.

The powerful have sucked out unearned millions betraying America. For example, the pretenders of morality, BFF Special Counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director, James Comey, concluded on billions of dollars in government contracts and pocketed tens of millions dollars for themselves. This story of "real collusion" has just begun to surface.

Also, the Clinton Foundation received $145 million from board members of a Russian company that was allowed control of 20% of America's uranium. This betrayal was orchestrated by Hillery Clinton, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Eric Holder, Rob Rosenstein and Barack Obama. No wonder they bitterly oppose the "draining of the swamp."


The breakthrough comes from the spiritual realm as an awakening to church's responsibility to have a strong involvement in government. The United States of America, was founded as one nation under God to be the embodiment of the First Commandment. This is not possible if the church withdraws from her responsibility and surrenders government to secular interests.

An initial victory was won in the 2016 Presidential Election, wherein 89% of Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump - the nation needed a warrior not a chaplain. However, this gain will be undone, unless there is an even greater motivation in this year's mid-terms. The church must be aware of the demonic forces at work, and vote to restore American values, establish a solidly conservative Supreme Court and preserve religious liberty. This is the turning point where all God fearing Americans can and should rise up.

PROCLAIM: Separation of Church and State is a lie!

There is a place in the Kingdom
who will bring forth Righteous Fire!