The Message NetworkTM


On the Information Highway there the giant social media, Facebook, that is pushing the public to reject conservative ideas and promote their liberal agenda. About 90% of the print media is biased in the same negativity. Television has FOX, NBC, CNN, etc. which might be considered the good, the bad and the ugly. ESPN and some spoiled brats (Should they be called "play" boys with an apology to the late Hugh Hefner?) has turn "the love of the game" into a platform to display their considerable lack of character.

All this creates opportunity, an open door. That is to say, "Open to be better!" Note, that is not bigger but better.

Is this a subtle introduction to a proposed national network? No, it isn't subtle. But yes, starting with just a few pages on the web as a place to present a message of a different spirit. Without financial resources and political muscle, it would seem to be an impossible dream. However, there is a force rising up that is undeniable, called RIGHTEOUS FIRE! The courage of President Donald Trump, in the face of the total resistance of governmental establishment, has ignited sparks across the nation. Righteous Fire is coming forth soon...

Let's work together.
It is my intention to expose evil and promote goodness to make a better world. If you are a Believer with a kindred spirit, then surely there is something here for you.
-Leonard Heatherly

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