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The Evil Core

There is an evil group, called the "Cabal," that seeks to keep people economically and politically enslaved in order to maintain their dominance of the world. These evil doers create crisis, cause strife and even wars to cement their positions of control. In America, they primarily accomplish their evil deeds through well paid henchmen and the associated (unpaid) gullible, immature and emotionally reactive people.

Henchmen in America

Congressmen and Senators are paid a fabulous lifetime salary with exorbitant perks to represent the people - establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty. However, it has never more obvious so many are decietfully more interested in enriching themselves by serving interests contrary to that of "We the People."

The free press of print and airway media was to promote goodness and expose evil in America, but has largely sold-out. These henchmen promote false news, bias, distraction and vain imaginations as their stock and trade. All the while, they are a pack of hustlers and trollops for the greedy, power hungry Cabal.

The current spewing out of programed propaganda and deceit is outrageous and totally unacceptable and certainly not fitting the glory of our nation! Take heart; the "who, how & why" will be exposed as we reclaim America.

Undeniable Examples

Our elected officials and their cohorts demonstrate their loathsome pretense of serving the people: A blatant disparity exists in the contrast of the deluxe medical care that government provides for itself, yet lies to the public about the idiotic system forced upon the people. (Remember Obamacare ads quoting health plans in 2005 for $9 per week?) These hirelings sold their integrity without regard for the untold misery and billions in unnecessary costs resulting from their folly.

As an encore, Congress cleverly waits for the football season to start before shuffling through the most important issues of our nation. The fastest shuffle will be delayed until the mega entertainment season in December. Thus, sports and entertainment are an essential distraction as surely as the gladiators and chariot races were for the inevitable failure of ancient Rome.

Our Resolve

We the People will no longer ignore the blatant abuse of power, nor shall we tolerate the disregard for the people's tranquility, welfare, and liberty that was obtained at such a great price of American blood. While our faith is in the goodness of God, victory will not come from a passive belief. Rather, it will come from rising up in a righteous fire.

We need not take to the streets in a tantrum, that would contrarily serve the biased media and anarchists. There is a far greater power that defeats evil as surely as light casts out darkness. Like Ezekiel of Babylon, we expose the evil and have the courage to act upon our belief.

Reclaiming America

This process of reclaiming America begins by casting a spot light specifically upon the worst of these hirelings that occupy positions in our nation's Capital. Their shame and hypocrisies are to be exposed. True repentance might spare them infamy; nonetheless, we shall drive them out of government by our collective votes.

Starting with These Ten Must Go! Scribed by L Heatherly
September 1, 2017

Rodney Howard Brown
Tells more Capitol Corruption, than you may want to know.
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