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On November 8, 2018, the mid-term may be the most important election in our history. Apathy within the church and the current perilous liberal ideologies can be overcome. This is critically important in terms of restoring American values and preserving religious freedom.

In a world of fake news and corruption, those of God's Kingdom prayerfully seek wisdom - such that truth and duty are revealed. Sharing the Pledge reminds Christian Americans that each vote can make a great difference to the future of our nation.

Leonard Heatherly

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While a huge number of votes are cast,
a recent state wide primary apparently is being decided by less than 100 votes.

The largest percentage(89%)of a voting segment that voted "Trump for President"
was the Evangelicals - a God thing!

In 1948 the Supreme Court made a bad decision about church and state,
and the Church believed a lie for 70 years.

The next two Justices will affect our religious liberty for generations to come.

A wink and a nod is not a response that will affect change.

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