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In a major hospital in Eastern Africa, I have seen 3 to 5 people to a single bed. Large crowds of sick people lying in the fields surrounding the hospital waiting to be admitted, being the fortunate ones who can pay in advance for treatment. The vast majority are afflicted with Malaria. WHO says there are 300,000,000 acute cases of Malaria in Africa each year, which approximately equals the entire population of the USA. The 1 million deaths of children by Malaria represents a number equal to 25% of the babies born in the our nation annually.

My research into treatment of Malaria took me to China. I found that a simple herbal tea had been successfully used for 1,700 years in Asia. I questioned farmers, herbalist and top medical researchers about this approach. Many important details must be considered, but the herb is indeed adaptable to Africa.

Samples were cultivated in Tennessee and an experimental crop in Kenya. A presentation was made at a special medical conference in Nairobi, and Ministers of Health of several countries were advised. Tragically, their interest was primarily in the billions of dollars that Malaria brought to their governments, not in a cure.

A moderately effective drug manufactured in Asia is available to the wealthy, and it is derived from the ancient herb. The cost represent about a year's wages for the average Kenyain. Thus, the poor have no hope. Despite the curled and fake interest by governments, pharmaceuticals and medical organizations, there is still an opportunity to defeat Malaria. This will involve sustainable agricultural farms and free distribution through Christian missions directly to the poor people.

Foundations and other organizations have wasted billions and are non-responsive to a practical approach. Less than $1 million is needed to bring this project to self funding fruition. Having taken this matter as far as I can, I ask for support from the grassroot givers. The Lord willing, this will be done.

So, could you spare a few dimes and help save lives? A gift in any amount brings you details about the project and newsletter updates.

Leonard Heatherly

Founder and Editor of The Message Network
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Consultant in Finance, Engineering & Marketing
Mission Work with Maasai since 2002
Author of "The New Sound: Call to GLORY"
QA Supervisor for IBM with Saturn/Apollo Missions
Researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Engineering Science Degree - University of Tennessee