Defeating Malaria

Worst Disease in History & Ignored Simple Cure
As a missionary to the ancient Tribe of Maasai in Kenya, I saw first hand the devastation of Malaria. I witnessed 3 to 5 patients per bed in Kenyatta National Hospital, the surrounding landscape covered with those seeking admission, and this was not 1% of those critically ill in that area.

It was easy to discover that Malaria had been dealt with successful in certain Asian countries. I went to China to research the matter in more depth. The herbalist and medical community near Beijing was helpful in detailing their remedy that had been used for 1,700 years.

Appeals were made to the Gates Foundation and other organizations, but there was no interest in a simple cure. In August of 2007, I presented the case for a herbal cure to medical conference in Nairobi and to 5 Ministers of Health in Eastern African. Their responses will shock you. Wretchedly, there is even more to this story of tragedy and greed.

On a very limited basis, the herbal sample has been grown at my home in Tennessee and in Kenya. To my satisfaction it has proven to work. To establish a viable demonstration, a farm to grow the herb, process and distribute will require $100,000 USD with an expectation of reaching 1 million people by the second year. Thereby, a cup of herbal tea could prevent or cure Malaria at a cost of 1 dime per person!

According to World Health Organization
  • 300 Million Sick with Malaria in Africa
  • 3,000 Children Die of Malaria Every Day
12 Billion/Year has been spent without Improvement:
  • Pharmaceutical Companies & Politicians Prosper
  • Traditional Health Care Offers No Hope for Poor

WHY politicians, pharmaceutical companies, and health care officials do NOT want a simple, effective solution to the world's worst disease? It's all about the money. (1) Third World countries would lose billions in foreign aide; (2) Pharmaceutical companies would lose billions in revenue; (3) Health care officials would lose both face and financial support for having denied such a simple solution.

While the evil nature of greed will not change, Righteous Fire demands a change in the response to this tragedy. A modest grass-roots contribution of just $10 could save 100 lives! Of course, there are more facts, updates and corresponding levels of involvement available.

Evil has been exposed, and goodness proposed.
Choose your response:
    1.  Learn more to satisfy yourself that this is real.
    2.  Become involved at a level that's right for you.
    3.  Or, just ignore the child who died in the last 30 seconds.

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