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MARCH 1, 2018

FEB 23RD: Former President Obama again claims that he had a scandal free presidency.

How about...
Associated Press Intrusion - Veterans Admin. Chaos - Benghazi - Fast & Furious - IRS Targeting - Uranium One & Politicization of FISA Court and National Intelligence Services

Rev. Billy Graham Honored
     February 28th, President Donald Trump tweets: Today we honor Billy Graham as only three private citizens before him have been honored.
     We say a prayer for our country: that all across this land, the Lord will raise up men and women like Billy Graham to spread a message of love and hope to every precious child of God.


Rev. Billy Graham Dishonored
     The opinion writer, George Will of the Washington Post, posted on February 21st an article "Billy Graham is no Prophet" that shows the writer's ignorance with accusations of "cheap grace," "Graham was no theologian," and "Neither was he a prophet."
     Heads up George! Billy Graham was fallible, as are all. However, his fallibility did not keep him from serving God. Billy Graham became the greatest Evangelist of our time, worthy of respect from even the godless. Perhaps George should analyze his own soul and consider the admonition,"Touch not my anointed."

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