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     It is said: America is in a post-denominational era whereby both the size and influence of Church in America are declining. Many are "attracted to liberal ideas," a euphemistic expression for having bought into worshipping idols. The middle doesn't feel it has time or need for old traditions. Even the conservatives of the church are becoming discouraged by the lack of effectiveness.

The Kingdom is coming...!

Enough of gloom and doom - God loves His Church but not this kind of behavior. He is calling us to repent from cowering in a foxhole. Our Creator is challenging the Church to storm the battlefield, overcome evil and rescue the perishing.

As Exiekel challenged the idols of Ahab and Jezebel, God calls Kingdom Warriors to carry forth His "Righteous Fire" for the Kingdom on earth. For as darkness runs form light, Believers will over come evil with goodness - not passively but with bold conviction.

Revelation will come first to discerning Believers, seeking churches and communities of faith with expectation of God's GLORY sweeping across the land; yet others will be left behind. This will obviously require a change in how we think about the Kingdom and our place in it. Nevertheless, "His Kingdom is coming, and His will is being done on earth as it is in heaven."