Introduction to the Maasai Way

This ancient tribe has culturally remained unchanged for 3 millennia. Most live in traditional mud huts and take care of their cattle in semi-aired bush country. They do not associate or marry outside their tribe, and strongly resist intrusion of any kind.

Maasai claim to be undefeated throughout their history, and are considered as the most fierce warriors in the world. Though they fight with swords, spears and sticks, General Erwin Rommel, during his WWII African campaign, reportedly told his generals to avoid the Maasai.

The Maasai have an strong sense of integrity and ethical dealings and cannot understand or tolerate those who would lie or steal. Justice is swiftly administered by their young vigilantes, called Moronnie. No surprise that the Kenya government, listed near the top in corruption by the CIA, leave the Maasai undisturbed in their affairs.

A novice investigation can confirm these facts about their unique society, but the way of the Maasai contains only hints to the mystery of their ancient secret and extraordinary mission.

    Ancient Primitive Tribe

    Most Fierce Warriors

    2600 Years of Isolation

    Directly Linked to Israel

    Fulfilling Christian Destiny

    21st Century Kingdom Warriors

Digital Art by Kim Chi Zutyn   
So now this author will tell "his story" that led him deeper into the extraordinary heritage of this Tribe and the revelation of its importance. It is his belief that after the revelation of redemption following Christ's crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and the empowerment by Pentecost, the "Mission of the Maasai" is the greatest revelation in Christianity in the 2000 years since the time of Christ.

Extraordinary World of Maasai

 Christian Women
    Praising God