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The Information Highway is dominated by giant social media promoting their liberal agenda and attacking conservative and/or Christian ideas. The majority of the print media do the same. Television has FOX, NBC,and CNN is typical of the good, the bad and the ugly. The sports network, ESPN, has become politically liberal. Even Christian television is, for the most part, leaning now towards politically correct. However, all this has left an open door of opportunity to present news and ideas of a different spirit.


My friend & co-laborer, Bruce Keoster, was first that I knew to brilliantly present not just the LOVE of Jesus, but include the characteristics of value, purpose and power of Jesus as example to us all. Bruce is commited to teaching Christians to know their enemy, to the defeat of that enemy and to become strong in Spirit as Warriors of the Kingdom on earth.

This revelation has increased my motivation, and compelled me to urge Believers to no longer be passive and timid as a lamb. As Disciples of Christ, we are to ready ourselves by Righteous Fire in preparation for the Lion that will rule the world. This becomes possible when we dare open the gift of GLORY!

God is challenging Believers to repent and take their place in the battlefield on earth. Whereby His Kingdom comes, and His will done on earth!

It is my intention to expose evil and promote goodness to make a better world for the benefit of Believers of a kindred spirit.
-Leonard Heatherly

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