Can you imagine having a personal encounter with Jesus? If he knew that you were not living in the fullness of what God has for you, what would He say? It might be as this Icon of two question presents:

      1. Do you know, that it's not about how good you are?

      2. It's simply: I died for you - will you live for me?

Question #1 is, at first glance, a good question for those who are not yet committed to Christianity. From my experience in evangelistic outreach in range of venues from neighborhoods, to prisoners and to people of African bush country, many hold themselves back because they have troubling issues that don't seem to fit into the Christian community.

I picked up a hitchhiker that had a severely swollen jaw from a bad tooth. As my captive audience and I traveled together for a hour or so, I presented my testimony about the joy a personal relationship with God. Approaching the end of our time together, I asked, "Do you know that you don't have to quit cursing to be received by God? After, he replied, "You don't?" I said you don't have to give up drinking either or those other things. After a brief silence, he ask me to help him start his relationship. Then, after negotiating treatment for him with a dentist, I left this man seriously considering his future path.

Question #1 can remove the objection of "I'm not clean enough" for non-believers, but this question also applies to many who have been trying (making an effort to change) to live a Christian life for some time. They mistakenly place the responsibility upon their own behavior rather than trusting God to transform their heart. It is totally by the power of the blood of Jesus that we are redeemed and transformed (better than working hard but failing to change). From this prospective the emphasis is being transformation by receiving more of His love, not by our efforts. For, love never fails!

" is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy." - Romans9:16

If "being good" is removed from the motivation, then we can respond fully to "living for Him" - Question #2. Then, we want to take our place in field where "Thy Kingdom come; thy will be done on earth" becomes our reality.

Scribed by Leonard Heatherly
November 2017

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