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Scriptural Example in 1 Kings 18:19-40

Israel, along with 850 evil prophets, are summoned to Mount Carmel. Two altars are built, one for Baal and one for God. Elijah then invites the priests of Baal to pray for fire to light the sacrifice, but their idols had no power. Elijah, God's prophet, made fun of their vain attempts.

Then, Elijah constructed a stone alter and laid upon it an animal sacrifice and wood. Then, he had 12 barrels of water poured over it. Elijah, wanting to show Israel the true God, prayed for fire from heaven. The fire came and burned up the sacrifice, the wood and stone. The false god was revealed, and the priests of Baal were destroyed.

A Lesson from Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln did not coerce the slaves to defy the law. He did not circumvent the Constitution which allowed slavery, but Lincoln through proclaimed military powers disallowed in the rebellious States the right to have slaves. This clever maneuver turned the Union's loosing political dispute over secession to a purpose that could be denied.

Righteous Fire

We do not become lawless or reckless.

Rather we call out evil and act in righteousness!

Who attacks our President?

The Big M-N Picture

Vilest Corruption

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