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The total moral destruction of God's people was nearly accomplished 900 years before Christ by Ahab and Jezebel, who manifested and proliferated victim and seducer spirits through the worship of idols. Gloriously, Elijah called fire down from heaven to destroyed evil's grip.

A remarkable similar paradigm is repeating in the last 25 years. Materialism, socialism, propaganda and sports are destroying our Christian nation. A naive church seeking to cloak itself in a politically correctness and to protect its tax exempt status, has turn a blind eye to the evil cabal that seeks to rule the world through establishment politics.

However, God chose an unlikely figure to stand against this evil. Whereby, 89% of Evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump to lead our nation. Now in support, an army of Kingdom Warriors must come forth with "Righteous Fire" to restore our land.

Politics and righteousness are different as the physical and spiritual worlds. Believers must not subjugate their Christian heritage.

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