The total moral destruction of God's people was nearly accomplished 900 years before Christ by Ahad and Jezebel, who manifested and proliferated victim and seducer spirits through the worship of idols. Gloriously, Elijah called fire down from heaven to destroyed evil's grip.

"The Spirit of Elijah is rising!
Whereby, Believers may become ministers of Righteous Fire
to defeat the ancient paradigm that attacks America."

Scribed by Leonard Heatherly


Seeds of Destruction

Throughout the Books of Kings, Scripture tells of the seeds of destruction sown during the reign of Ahab (871-852 BC). A marriage of political alliance between this King of Israel and a Phoenician princess, Jezebel, was touted to lead the Hebrew into a new age of self-fulfillment and prosperity. This began with the worship of Baal, cast as the god of self-fulfillment but actually was to the detriment of all things good.

The worship of Baal led to the hideous practice of sacrificing children to Moloch, an idol that called for destroying babies for promise of a better future of the parents. Disregarding that once the bond of love between parent and child has been broken, in whatever manner, evil replaces the goodness in a family and then spreads like a cancer through generations.

Showdown in lst Kings 18:19-40

Israel, along with 850 evil prophets, are summoned to Mount Carmel. Two altars are built, one for Baal and one for God. Elijah then invites the priests of Baal to pray for fire to light the sacrifice, but their idols had no power. Elijah, God's prophet, made fun of their vain attempts.

Then, Elijah constructed a stone alter and laid upon it an animal sacrifice and wood. Then, he had 12 barrels of water poured over it. Elijah, wanting to show Israel the true God, prayed for fire from heaven. The fire came and burned up the sacrifice, the wood and stone. The false god was exposed, and the priests of Baal were destroyed.


Currently, there is a threat upon the integrity of our nation and the well being of future generations. It is a pattern that has been in the earth since ancient times - the battle between good and evil. The same characteristics of Ahab and Jezebel are easily recognizable in multi-dimensions of our society including government, education, news and entertainment. Whereby, Baal has again been established in a rite (not right-ness) to "have things as I want them," while the idea "good of all" is being hacked from the national conscience. Child sacrifice (Molock) masquerades under the euphemistic name "pro-choice" - the worst kind of tolerance by society and the dastardliest act of selfishness.

Jonathan Cahn, in his book "The Paradigm" speaks a critical warning for every person in this generation. "The state of the culture will look increasing dire and hopeless to and for believers. The nation will appear to be past the tipping point. Its future will arrear to be sealed in the direction of immorality, godlessness, and persecution."

Failure to Prepare

For 2 millennia, Believers have recited the Lord's prayer: "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth..." apparently without forethought of how that happens. Meanwhile, the church has promoted comfort and prestige ahead of commission with cataclysmic denial of American church's failure to perform. For the most part, church defines itself as a social club striving to maintain membership, rather than an army to overcome evil and lead all people to eternal life. Satisfied with cultural norms, church seeks to be popular and fails to prepare warriors for the Kingdom.

Call to Battle

Shout GLORY! The Spirit of Elijah is rising to defeat an enemy of victim and seducer spirits that worship idols. The battle plan is drawn. Spectators may be trampled, but warriors will hear the call and fight.

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