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Two blondes walk into a building. You'd think that at least one of them would have seen it.

Last night Lou Dobbs (Jan. 9th) and tonight Laura Ingram (Jan. 10th) lost it over President Trump's comments about DACA at his bipartisan gathering. Remember "The Art of the Deal"...? You think that at least one of them would have seen it - how clever the President is being.

With a 51/49 ratio in the Senate, compounded by the Rino and other Republicans that work against Trump, he has to court some Dems - about 10 or 12 will do. Otherwise, conservative efforts in regard to the budget, wall, chain migration, infrastructure, SC Judges, etc. could all fail.

I try to do my part to represent Evangelical conservatives, who more than any other group, elected Trump President. By the way, we don't want the name "hard right" - just right according to our values.

Leonard Heatherly

Founder & Editor

FOOTNOTE: "A miracle occurred in Washington DC yesterday," Piers Morgan began his column for The U.K. Daily Mail in reference to the 55-minute bi-partisan meeting at the White House. "Trump was lucid, competent, confident, charming and informed. Indeed, he looked, sounded and behaved like a capable president running a very important gathering of some of America's most senior politicians," by Morgan's estimation.