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"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."


The 2016 Presidential Election was a "movement" away from business as usual within the Federal Government and toward uplifting the hardworking people of America. It was no surprise that entrenched bureaucrats and politicians recoiled in shock, and raised their angry fists in the worst kind of antagonism. In reaction the so called establishment leaders, who are a subculture of the criminal Babylonian cabal, have resorted to lies, distortions and conspiracies as their daily game plan in collusion with the sham called the mainstream media. This begs the question, "Why so desperate?"

Over a 7 seven year period, a web of perdition has been woven into the highest levels of Justice to hide the subversive activities within the DOJ and FBI. This vile corruption has degraded our tranquility, compromised our defense, diminished our welfare and robbed the people of blessings. This was clearly centered around, but not limited to, a "sellout of America" called Uranium One.

In October 2017 this corruption of Justice is revealed.
Nothing will remain hidden, but it will take years to restore.

We wrestle with powers and principalities of evil, and contend with those in their grasp who betray trust and are consumed by the lust for money, fame and power.

Who Sold America's Uranium to Russia & Why

All 5 have served (2009-2016) at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and/or the FBI. President Obama was the common thread to each of them. Four signed-off on giving Russia control of 20% of America's uranium, knowing of the associated bribery, money laundering, etc. This included the Clinton Foundation receiving a reported $145 million from stockholders of the Russian company making the purchase. All 6 have been party to creating a false accusation of Trump collusion with the Russians as a distraction from their guilt.

This is not supposition; there is factual evidence coming forth. Criminal charges are soon to be made. Hillary Clinton faces as many as 13 criminal charges. Three will go to prison. All 6 of these co-conspirators and several others are to live the remainder of their life in disgrace. Meanwhile, watch for the culprits start blaming pasty underlings, disavowing any wrong doing.

UPDATE 10/25/17 8 pm: The Department of Justice has just released the FBI informant from a "gag order" that has kept him from presenting evidence to Congress for 4 years about Uranium One and other schemes.

Earlier today the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign finally admitted they were a part of paying $9 million to Fusion GPS for the fake dossier on Trump, produced in collusion with Russian propaganda. Senator John McCain admits that he took the dossier to the FBI. In January 2016 James Comey, then Director of the FBI, recklessly circulated it to government agencies and subsequently news media without verification. In turn, this false report was used to make wire taps and justification for improper investigations by the US Government. The FBI, DOJ and CIA were duplicitous in these matters.

UPDATE 11/3/17: Terms of the Uranium One deal prohibited the export of Uranium outside the USA. However, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission authorized 12 million Kg of nuclear weapons grade from Uranium One to be transported to Canada, and from there to overseas destinations. Did the DOJ and FBI collude with, at that time, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to provide Iran or North Korea to have nuclear weapons? How many American cities might be in danger in trade for Hillary's $145 million dollars?

UPDATE 12/4/17:Special (Corrupt) Counsel Robert Mueller has presented his first "patsy" Peter Strzok, FBI Counterintelligene Agent, to take the heat for the phoney investigation of Hillary Clinton emails, fake Russian conlusion investigation and more. The fired FBI Directory, James Comey is the next patsy to distract from the Mueller cover-up of the Uranium One scandal and the establishment's plan to impeach President Trump.

FOOTNOTE: NBC's "" reminded us today (10/26/17), "... Obama Justice Department announced in 2015 that no one at the IRS would be prosecuted in the scandal, saying investigators had found mismanagement but no evidence that it had targeted a political group based on its viewpoints or obstructed justice."

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